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Antonine Trio

Antonine Trio

...excellent, it took off with the movement from the horn concerto and flew on high from there on; Aesop's Fables went down particularly well as did Sue's explanation of the origins and development of the horn.  We were all greatly impressed, entertained and informed.

Balerno Music Festival

Trio - Vocal & Instrumental


  • Steven Faughey - Baritone
  • Sue Baxendale - French Horn
  • Derek Clark - Piano


Sample programme:

Frank Spedding: Old English Songs for voice, horn and piano

Vaughan Williams: The Roadside Fire for baritone and piano

Antony Plog: Aesop's Fables for narrator, horn and piano

Strauss: Nocturno for horn and piano

Volker David Kirchner: Orfeo for baritone, horn and piano

Derek Clark: Chamber Music for baritone, horn and piano

Arnold Cooke: Nocturnes for voice, horn and piano

Lehrer: Poisoning Pigeons in the Park for voice and piano

Burns arr S Adam: Ae Fond Kiss and Gae Bring Tae Me for baritone, horn and piano


The Antonine Trio was formed in the summer of 2009, offering an enjoyable, entertaining and informative blend of music and conversation with their unusual blend of voice, french horn and piano. They perform a wide variety of music for their audiences, ranging from Mozart and Strauss through to new contemporary commissions, to theatre pieces, traditional folk melodies, and even Flanders and Swann! They love to get to know their audience, introducing their music with historical and musical detail and fascinating anecdotes.