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Joy Dunlop

Joy Dunlop

Pretty close to what is commonly called perfection.

Folker Magazine

Long established as one of the finest Gaelic singers on the current circuit.


Traditional Music


  • Joy Dunlop - Vocals & Scottish Stepdance
  • Ron Jappy - Guitar
  • Mhairi Marwick - Fiddle
  • Gus Stirrat - Bass
  • Scott Jamieson - Drums


Traditional Gaelic song, Scottish folk music and percussive stepdance showcased in a contemporary live setting. This includes a variety of accompanied and unaccompanied love songs and laments, rhythmic work songs and driving puirt a beul. (mouth music)

Duo line up: vocals/stepdance, piano/guitar

3 piece line up: vocals/stepdance, guitar, fiddle

5 piece full band: vocals/stepdance, guitar, fiddle, bass, drums


Crowned Traditional Singer of the Year and Traditional Dance Champion at the 2015 Pan Celtic Festival, Joy Dunlop is a Gaelic singer from Argyll, Scotland. Joy's singing career is the result of a lifeā€“long fascination with Scotland's traditional music and has led her all over the world; from major Celtic festivals to touring the UK, Europe, China, Japan, Canada and New Zealand. Through her singing, she showcases Gaelic music and song in a contemporary way that always remains true to its roots.

5 times nominated as Gaelic Singer of the Year, she has also won both the coveted Royal National Mòd Gold Medal and the Oban Times Gold Medal. Her critically acclaimed debut album, "Dùsgadh" (Awakening) won both the Scots New Music Awards "Roots Recording of the Year" and Fatea "Tradition" Award and her follow up album 'Faileasan' (Reflections) brought her international acclaim. She recently released her third solo album Caoir (Firebrand/Torrent), garnering a whole new audience of international listeners.

In addition to performing as a soloist, Joy is a popular collaborative artist who has performed with a host of international artistes on both album and live projects, gaining her a growing reputation as a respected international musician.

A prolific Scottish stepdancer, Joy has enjoyed competitive dance success most notably, being crowned the Traditional Inter-Celtic Dance Champion at the 2015 and 2006 Pan Celtic Festivals. She has a particular interest in the link between step dancing and Gaelic puirt a beul (mouth music) and has explored this successfully in both Scotland and Nova Scotia.

Whether or not you are already acquainted with the Gaelic song tradition, the evocative narratives of Scotland's rich Gaelic heritage cannot fail to mesmerise and enchant. Joy explores the wide, expressive gamut of Gaelic song, demonstrating her versatility both as a singer and dancer and her talent as an interpreter of traditional music. Audiences can expect to be treated to a beautiful blend of ethereal vocals and imaginative arrangements that allow even those not versed in this ancient language to experience the rich tapestry of Gaelic folklore.