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Scottish Fiddle Concept

Scottish Fiddle Concept

We enjoyed Angus and Angus’s performance very much, it was warmly received by our large gathering. We appreciated their choice of music to fit the occasion and their charming and engaging way in which they presented it.

Mary Sherwood, Hawick Music Club, 25 January 2024

What a celebration of Robert Burns we had last night! If we had known what a good orator of Burns Angus Anderson was we would have used him during the supper. The music programme was wonderfully chosen and beautifully arranged. The combination of traditional airs transposed into the classical genre satisfied all members of our audience who turned out in force.

Vanda Mercer, Hawick Music Club, 25 January 2024

Duo - Instrumental


  • Angus Ramsay - Violin
  • Angus Anderson - Violin


The performances are interchangeable with other genres of music from Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern, including popular pieces such as:

Ragtime: Joplin's Bethena Ragtime Waltz, Rose Leaf Rag, Solace

Baroque: dances by Leclair, Monti's Czardas

Classical: Méditation de Thaïs


The Scottish Fiddle Concept has a real part to play in the cultural life of Scotland and further afield. It was founded by two of Scotland's foremost violinists - Angus Anderson and Angus Ramsay to illustrate the fiddle music of their native soil played with all the style and facility of modern violin technique. Their performances fit any venue from the concert platform to country house surroundings.

Violinist Angus Ramsay studied with Leonard Friedman and Max Rostal. He enjoys a career playing in chamber music, as a soloist and also as a principal player in the Scottish Opera Orchestra. He also teaches privately and in the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

Violinist Angus Anderson studied at the Royal Academy of Music and in Switzerland, and held positions in five different orchestras including associate leader of the RSNO and leader of the Scottish Opera Orchestra under Sir Alexander Gibson. The last 11 years of his orchestral life were spent as a member of one of the world's greatest orchestras, The Philharmonia. He remains extremely active as a teacher, chamber music player and soloist. For over 30 years he has been a member of Cantilena, with whom he toured South America and with whom he recorded Vivaldi's Four Seasons for Scottish Television.