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Spinacino Consort

Spinacino Consort

The Spinacino consort are becoming known to audiences for their innovative programming and varied presentation. They seek out music that is often little known, but always beautiful.

Prof. Elizabeth Kenny, Lutenist, Gramophone Award Winner, Dean of Students at Royal Academy of Music

The Spinacino Consort are a fantastic Early Music ensemble who create fascinating and imaginative programmes showcasing both well-know and more obscure composers. This is complemented both by their intelligent and interesting notes, and their ability to communicate well with audiences.

Elly Smith, Chairman of the Friends of St. Cecilia's Hall

Early Music


  • Eric Thomas - Lute and Director
  • Elizabeth Unsworth Wilson - Mezzo-Soprano
  • Héloïse Bernard - Soprano
  • Annemarie Klein - Recorders
  • Claire Horacek - Viol
  • Aaron McGregor - Violin


Programmes can be arranged for various ensemble sizes.

Programmes include:

Away Vain Warld: Music of the Scottish Kirk Court and Reformation – Explores early seventeenth century Scottish music centered around the poetry of Elizabeth Melville, the first Scottish female to see her poetry published.

Absent I am: Songs of Love and Loss from Renaissance Scotland – Music from sixteenth century Scotland, based on the turbulent life of Mary Queen of Scots.

The Decorum of Voice: Music for Isabella d’Este – An exciting programme of some of the finest music from Renaissance Italy. Inspired by the musical melting-pot of Isabella d’Este, includes music by Josquin and Isaac.


The Spinacino Consort is a Scottish based early music ensemble dedicated to reimagining the music of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in passionate and engaging performances. Our programmes are grounded in the latest musicological research, contrasting the gems of the renaissance and early baroque with uncovered lost works. One of the first recipients of the Continuo Foundation’s recently formed ensemble scheme, their support has established the Spinacino consort as one of the UK’s most exciting new early music groups. Upcoming projects include a Continuo Foundation funded tour of music from the Ferrarese court, and a collaboration with vocal group Siglo de Oro exploring Christmas music of the early seventeenth century in a performance at the Wigmore Hall. Members of the consort are leading early career performers in Scotland, playing with the finest ensembles in the UK including the Ancient Academy of Music, Dunedin Consort, Concerto Caledonia, RSNO, and the Linarol Consort of Viols.