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Stephen Morrison

Stephen Morrison

"It was immediately obvious that here is a player who does not use music in the service of the guitar, but always the guitar in the service of music."

The Courier

"Mr. Morrison's style is, in fact, never flashy or flamboyant but always thoughtful and fastidious"

The Courier

Solo - Guitar


  • Stephen Morrison - Classical Guitars


As both a soloist and chamber musician Stephen is known for his expressive musical interpretations. He performs on modern guitars as well as a beautifully restored 19th century guitar. Having a close affinity towards the music of the 19th century, his performances and study have been greatly enhanced by playing on an authentic period instrument. Stephen also has a devoted interest in contemporary music and includes in his programmes more recent, significant additions to the guitar's rich and varied repertoire. His performances can be themed or diverse with an emphasis on composed music written specifically for the guitar.


Stephen Morrison's musical career is an active combination of teaching and performing. He is originally from Ohio, U.S.A. Stephen taught at the Peabody Conservatory of Music of the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and it's associated Preparatory School. He also taught at the Levine School of Music in Washington D.C. In 1989 Stephen moved to Scotland where he established himself as a freelance teacher/performer settling first in Dundee, then moving to Fife teaching guitar for many years as part of the Fife Education Music Service. Stephen moved to Edinburgh in 2015 where he now teaches privately and is a regular fixture in Edinburgh's musical life. He makes annual appearances at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe which has included the venues of St. Andrew's and St. George's West Church and St. Cecilia's Museum. Active as a recitalist and chamber musician, performances have been based regionally, involving local ensembles: The Dundee University Chamber Group, Avison Ensemble of Fife, Kirkcaldy Orchestra Society, The Philomusica Orchestra of Edinburgh and Eden Ensemble. Duets with viola, flute, piano, organ, guitar and vocal accompaniment have also been a significant form of musical collaboration.