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Trio Chagall

Trio Chagall

Both from a technical and expressive point of view, Trio Chagall […] does not appear to be a group of ex wunderkind nor of young promises, but rather an ensemble of mature musicians, able to deeply relate with the score, regardless of the composer or period.

Circuito Musica

Trio - Piano Trio


  • Lorenzo Nguyen - Piano
  • Edoardo Grieco - Violin
  • Francesco Massimino - Cello


L.V. Beethoven, Trio op. 70 n. 1 in D major Ghost (25’)

M. Kagel. Trio n. 2 in einem Satz (20‘)

J. Brahms, Trio op. 8 in B major (40’)

C. Debussy, Trio in G major (25’)

A. Casella, Siciliana e Burlesca (14’)

M. Azzan, ‘In limine’ (15’)

M. Ravel, Trio in A minor (30’)


Trio Chagall has gained the attention of the musical milieu as a winner of the Second Prize (First Prize not awarded) and three special prizes at the 20th edition of the Premio “Trio di Trieste”.

Trio Chagall was founded in 2013 by Lorenzo Nguyen, Edoardo Grieco and Francesco Massimino in Turin, Italy. The name of the Trio is intended as a tribute to the famous painter Marc Chagall, who has always been a deep source of inspiration and has been admired for his ties to music.

The Trio is now continuing its studies at the Hochschule für Musik in Basel and is an ECMA Ensemble. In 2020 the Trio was awarded the “Giovanna Maniezzo” prize by Accademia Musicale di Siena, and it was chosen as the “Ensemble of the year 2020/2021” by LeDimore del Quartetto.

Trio Chagall is involved in concert activity all over Europe and has recently debuted in New Delhi, India and in Kuwait City.