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Women in Chamber Music

Women in Chamber Music

'We were absolutely thrilled by WICM's wonderful afternoon performance for our guests and our Patron, HRH The Princess Royal, at our recent summer “Gathering” in Glasgow. Their exciting, varied and thoroughly engaging programme, encompassing the works of Gershwin, Piazzolla, Brahms, Williams, Britten, Schubert, Debussy and more, was an absolute delight.'

Dr. DJ Johnston-Smith

'The professionalism and care they took before, during and after the event was hugely appreciated, both by ourselves and by the venue staff, and their very evident talent, enthusiasm and sheer joy for the marvellous music they had selected and arranged shone brightly throughout their performance.' 'Their playing added considerably to the pleasant and relaxed atmosphere of the event.'

Scotland's Churches Trust

Flexible Ensemble (variable number of performers)


  • Mianoora Kosonen - piano
  • Arianna Ranieri - viola
  • Sam MacAdam - harp, clarsach, violin
  • Olivia Tomasovic - Oboe


Women in Chamber Music performs a wide range of repertoire with unique instrument combinations within the ensemble. The players collaborate with each other, featuring duos and trios, and full chamber ensemble in our performances, with original and arranged versions of popular works. Programmes are varied, thoughtfully created, and are made suitable for each occasion. Our past performances have included themes of music such as Folklore & Fairytales, Autumn Shades, Christmas, and Love Stories.


Women in Chamber Music is a flexible classical music ensemble based in Glasgow, Scotland. All members are young, professional musicians who have studied in world-class institutions across the UK, US and Europe. As an ensemble, we use our creative instrumentation and interests inside and outside of classical music, to provide extraordinary and unique performances tailored to each event, often including celebrated repertoire, and our arrangements of classical favourites, show tunes & popular music and traditional Scottish music.

Our Core Team is at the heart of every performance, consisting of viola, oboe, piano and harp/clarsach. Often, we have visiting players with varying instruments joining us on our concerts and for larger events, WICM invites other female, professional musicians to collaborate. We write our own arrangements of pieces to suit our distinctive instrumentation. We frequently perform themed concerts that allow us to get into storytelling and creating a deep atmosphere with our music.