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Resources for Chamber Musicians

Explore some of the resources we've compiled for chamber musicians, including online Cadogan Sessions and an in-depth series on audio recordings.

The Cadogan Sessions Online

In light of Covid-19, we decided to move some of our Cadogan Sessions online.

Creative Copywriting with Keren Nicol

Keren Nicol (Marketing and Communications Director at the Citizens Theatre, Glasgow) hosts a virtual Cadogan Session to provide advice on how to reflect on who we are as artists and how we want to communicate our values, goals, and mission to a range of groups.

Audio Recording Resources

The following videos and documents are part of a series of Audio Recording Resources for chamber musicians, commissioned by Chamber Music Scotland and presented by sound engineer Tim Cooper.

Download the Introduction from Tim Cooper and Recommendations for Equipment.

Part 1: Mic Types and Characteristics

In this video, Tim covers the proximity effect, microphone types and characteristics, and stereo mic placements for solo instruments. Download the accompanying documents:

Part 2: Working in Acoustics

In this video, Tim discusses some basic issues to do with acoustics and what to listen out for. He'll take you on a soundwalk of three rooms at home and will show you how he tries to understand the characteristics of an acoustic. Finally, he'll look at how to adapt the sound of an acoustic using two of the three techniques for addressing acoustic issues: absorption and microphone isolation.

Part 3: Mixing Classical Music

Tim introduces some of the goals that musicians have when mixing, then covers equalisation (tone control) and the use of reverb.